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23x50mm Winckelmans Briquettes

Chic and modern yet understated. Winckelmans Briquettes balance traditional quality and beauty with contemporary form and appeal. each sheet is 31x31cm (10 sheets = 1 M2) and the briquettes are lined up in a grid of 6 x 12 tiles). Each individual briquette is 2,3 x 5cm with a 3mm grout space and they are 6mm thick (the same thickness as the 5x5cm). Used individually to create lines or by the sheet for a modern twist. *Heritage French porcelain *Rectangle tiles in straight grid alignment *Each tile is 23 x 50mm *6mm thick *Each sheet is 31 x 31cm *10 sheets = 1 m2 *UVA and frost resistant *Extremely durable and hardwearing *Non slip, matte finish *Can be easily combine with 5x5cm tiles *Cut using Rubi porcelain nippers N.B These tiles are best grouted in a matching colour or sealed before grouting to prevent staining.

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