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Emaux de Smalti: Cool Palette

Emaux means stamped or molded glass tile and is the traditional material for making stained glass windows cast in cement also known as Dalle de Verre or Faceted Glass. This is a wonderful new product that can be used in multiple ways. Use a oil filled glass cutter and a pair of running pliers to create curves and shapes that are normally not possible with regular smalti. Cut using a wheeled nipper to make gorgeous irregular tesserae or any variety of geometric shapes. This glass is made with traditional smalti recipes from Murano by a small foundry in France. Approximately 5-6mm thick it combines perfectly with Perdomo smalti or Ceramic tiles and is strong enough for floor inserts or heavy traffic areas. We recommend the score and snap nipper to make geometric shapes and an oil-filled cutter with a running plier for more precise work. perfect for large scale murals or floors insertions. May also be used to create a frieze in bathrooms and pools. This shape of smalti is often called the Ravenna cut or B cut and measures 8x8cm. 14 plaquettes make up 1 kilo and approximately 150 will complete a square meter. 8x8cm square 5-6mm thick

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