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Perdomo Mexican Smalti

Hard to find New World Smalti by the Perdomo family of Mexico. Created using the traditional methods of Murano but with local ingredients and minerals to create a unique product. The glass is poured into `tortillas`and handcut vertically with a hammer and hardy to produce tesserae that is roughly 18 x 18mm and 5-6 mm thick. This cut is called Piastrine in classic Italian mosaics. As it is thinner than Italian smalti it is easier to work with and cut Mexican smalti also offers a special advantage of having both a ´right´ face and a ´wrong´ base side that display subtle colour and texture variations. This means that by flipping a piece over you gain even more colours and finishes. Additionally as each piece has a greater surface area there is a wonderful range of tonal marbling within a single colour shade. However this also means that there are greater batch differences per colour therefore please buy enough of a colour to complete a project. We recommend that you use Leponitt wheeled nippers to get the best results from this extraordinary product.

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